Thursday, December 31, 2009

A few of our favorite things of 2009

Another year and a Decade down.....2009 we will miss you as so much of the past 10 years.....I will always refer to the first 10 years of the 2000's as the years of babies, finding our home in Oregon, the beginning of a family of friends and a transformation of faith.

Wow! Where did this year go? 2009 flew by. This year was filled with many exciting new things.

For starters Katherine turned 5 and started Kindergarten, Ruth turned 1 (I have no idea where that year went), Ethel turned 8 and started 3rd grade! I find it hard to believe we have 2 kiddo's in school all day. Ruthie in just one year has gone from crawling, to walking and talking up a storm. She possibly could be more of a talker than Katherine.

So here are a few hig
hlights and special moments of last year......
Pappy is now an Oregonian and a Duck fan (as well as Katherine a college football fan)!

Our 10 year anniversary!-How is that possible-Already?

Ethel's softball team-what an awesome experience-those girls rocked the Rose City.

Grant Swim te
am-We can't wait until next summer-those coaches are amazing and so inspiring.

SunRiver vacation-AAHH SunRiver, what a g
reat time, great friends and Ethel finally rides a horse on her own. The SunRiver talentshow-not sure how we top this one next year!

The McBee Family trip to San Diego- Sun, Surf, Sand and silly Vegas McBee's, need I say more!

The start of a new school year with 2 amazing teachers at one terrific school and community.

Hanging with just RooRoo all day and being silly (I'm gonna miss these days :( she is growing fast).

Getting the puppy :) Bella is almost 5 months old and growing into a doggie-Paxton calls these the teen years for her. Everyday is either really good or really bad with her but soon she will grow out of those teen years and be an Old Dog! She is a cutie and we are all so happy she is part of our family.

Our Christmas traditions: The tree farm in Sandy, Or.-on the windiest day, making new Christmas traditions with Pappy, Our annual Christmas Eve Party and of course Christmas Day with the Peters and Sleepers.

Playing in the snow when it finally falls her
e in Portland.

Our incredible friends who are there for us and truly get us-We appreciate and Love you guys tons-Thanks for all the memories in 2009. Looking forward to 2010 and the memories to come.

Wishing you all a Wonderful 2010! Life goes by so fast, take time to see, smell, taste love and laugh in it : )

Paxton, Julie, Ethel 8, Katherine 5, Ruthie 1, and Bella

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