Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Official!

So this post is titled "It's Official" for several reasons....Please read on to find out more.

We "officially" are blogging once a month now.

Summer is almost here in Portland-It was 88 degrees today!
Well, we all know I'm not fond of warm weather and sunshine but I have to admit I'm kinda excited for the change in weather as well as the chance to sleep in a tad! There are 8 more days of school left... Our first year at school has been amazing and I'm actually quite sad to see it come to an end. Next year we will have 2 girls (Ethel and Katherine) in the same school at the same time. Next year will b
e interesting but exciting.

Softball is slowly coming to an end. Just a few games
left. Ethel has totally enjoyed herself and I guess we are a softball family now. So far our family sports are Swimming, soccer and softball-who knows what Ruthie will like? Maybe basketball? We are hoping we get one who is into it!

Our summer will "officially" begin in 3 weeks when Ethel's s
wim team starts (she has been asking to be on a team for 2 years now) so this year she officially gets to. Also in 3 weeks we will be going on an "Official" McBee Family vacation. We will fly off to San Diego to vacation for a week with Mimmie/Grandad (Pax's parents) and the Park/Dodgin crew (pax's sister and her family)! It has been about 7 years since we all met up in San Diego so we are looking forward to seeing them and relaxing on a warm sandy beach!

Katherine will be going to several local summer camps this summer as well as her usual swimming lessons-this is her summer to enjoy what she likes-Yeah Katherine!

Ruthie "Officially" started crawling 2 weeks ago-she has not stopped since an
d our lives are "Officially" over! The days of setting her down in the living room with some toys and going to check on the laundry are now obsolete. She is so curious and into everything-she LOVES cords or string of any kind.

My dad "Officially" is now an Oregonian. He arrived here 3 weeks ago at the beginning of May and his furnishings all arrived about a week ago.
He is settling in and enjoying his new place. He is busy with all kinds of classes his community has to offer as well as accompaning us on all of our activities. I have included some pictures of our (Katherine, Ruth, and myself) train trip back to Illinois to help my dad pack and move out to Portland. Katherine was so excited to be on the train as well as go to Chicago and see the Sears Tower. For weeks she talked about how she went 99 floors up in a elevator and could barely see people on the ground. She also thought Lake Michigan was the Pacific Ocean! I guess it makes sense since the Pacific is really the only large body of water she has ever seen. The Train trip was a great time, something to really cherish. I think Katherine will remember that time with her Pappy forever. Those to are hilarious together. They have one special bond-I guess it goes back to their love for vanilla ice cream!

We will spend our usual week in Sunriver (in August this year) with our friends...Peters, Sleepers and Dana (still just worthy of one name). I so look forward to this relaxing week. These guys are truly our family. We are hoping to get in a
t least one camping trip to the beach this summer, we'll see what happens.

Enjoy the warm weather-hopefully not to warm for those of you in the Southwest.
We love you all and maybe our
summer plans will collide with some of yours!

Love and Blessings,