Friday, September 4, 2009

Summers End

Warm sandy beaches, purple sunsets,beautiful smiles,
perfectly chilled beer, dancing with friends, tasty cheese and finding another pair of goggles....Oh where has the summer gone?

Summer is almost over. Ethel and Katherine go back to school on Tuesday. Where has the summer gone? Paxton and I vowed to have a slow relaxing summer and it has been so busy. I think this is just how things are going to be with kids in school and on that schedule.

Our Summer started off with trip to SanDiego to visit the McBee-Park/Dodgin Clan. There was 11 of us all together. The weather was good, and the company was better! The girls loved just playing in the sand-Ruthie loved eating it. Ethel did a ton of boogie boarding with Pax. The first day down to the beach Katherine got stung by a jellyfish but was such a good sport about it, after the sting went away she went right back in the water! It was a fun time seeing our cousins, aunt, and grandparents. Oh, Ethel also recruited everyone for a game of softball on the beach. We watched sea world fireworks every night, and taught the McBee/Park/Dodgin Clan about "favorite part of our day" and "Talent shows", aah, life with little girls! All in All it was a good start to Summer.

We came back and rolled right into one of our favorite Holidays.....4Th of July
For years our friends the Sleepers have been trying to get us to come to their 4Th of July party and we have declined-Ethel loves her Blue Lake Park on the 4Th. Well this year we decided to go to Blue Lake and give it one last try. Yup, next year we will be at the Sleepers. Blue Lake has gotten much to commercialized and busy for us. One of the reasons we loved it was it had this total small town feel to it. Also and this was the kicker for me, during their firework display which is always choreographed to Proud Patriotic Music-they played.......Sting instead-He isn't even from America! So next year-with Ethel's approval we will be at the Sleepers and Bill I expect you to sing God Bless America.
The upside was that my Dad was here and got to spend it with us. So that was fun, and as always we ran into a few people we knew.

July was spent waking up early and getting Ethel off to swim team (every morning by 8:00 am) and Katherine off to her swim lessons or her chosen camp of the week.
Katherine thinks camp is the best thing ever and would choose anything where she could bring a lunch and ma
ke a craft!
Ethel had several swim meets this summer. Her events she entered in where: 25 fly (butterfly), 25 backstroke, 25 free relay, medley relay. Her favorite and her best event is backstroke.
Ethel continues to take violin and enjoy it.
At the end of July we had a visit from our niece Sabrina from Las Vegas. It was a short time but fun. We all went swimming one day, went shopping at the mall and spent a fun HOT day up in Washington visiting Aunt Pam, Uncle Bob, Grandma Keen and the cousins. I can't believe she will be a senior this year and is planning for college. It was 10 years ago she came for her first visit to Oregon to spend a week with us! We enjoy her time so much.

August has been our busiest but most relaxing month of this summer. We went to Sunriver, Oregon with Sleepers, Peters, Dana and a friend of theirs from Texas came too. It was a lot of fun, swimming, biking, watching the deer invade our back patio and of course the Grand Finale....The Annual Kids Sunriver talent show! The kids all did an exceptional job this year and at the end there was a bonus (props to Dana for adding this in) The adults all threw their own dance party! I'm sure our kids all think we are absolutely nuts but oh well that was the best night!
Ethel got to ride a "real horse on a trail, not just a pony". I was the chosen one who got to go with-I have to admit, I am looking forward next year to riding again. That was definitely the highlight for Ethel, I think she smiled the rest of the week!
Katherine's favorites for the week where playing in the pool with Jackson and the talent show.
Ruthie decided she would show off her talent in the show by learning to walk that week. This has also developed a new talent in Ruthie, complete independence! She wants no help from anyone at any point, for anything. How does a 16 month old develop that so quickly?

We came home from Sunriver in a hurry to plan
Ethel's Birthday party. She requested a dinner of Potstickers, Chicken and rice on her actual Birthday. A Karaoke Party was in order for her "Family and Friends" party. Ethel also wrote a comedy which was performed by all of her friends and herself at her party.
We had a wonderful time and it was so much fun to catch up with everyone we hadn't seen this summer.

I can not believe Ethel is 8 and will be starting 3rd grade in just 4 days. Where or Where have the years gone? Katherine will be in Kindergarten all day, gets to take a lunch, go to PE and learn spanish among many other exciting things. This transition with Katherine has been much harder on me than with Ethel going to school. Ethel has always had an old soul and has went head on into anything. Katherine is ready for the challenge and very excited but it is me who will always see her as the little sister, and little girl-my babies are all growing up so, so, fast.
Ruthie and I have plans of our own this school year. She will be taking classes at our local parks and rec (music, playgym ect.) and spending many mornings at bookbabies at the library as well as working on this new found independence of hers!

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing and fun filled summer.
We enjoyed catching up with many of you.
Enjoy your last few days and for those of you who are fortunate enough to have an indian summer like we do-enjoy the end of summer sunsets!
The McBee Family