Friday, October 23, 2009

Back to school and PuppyLove

Cozy slippers, fleece hoodies, dark rainy mornings,
the sound of crunching leaves under your feet and the smell of
nutmeg toasting in the oven....aah it is FALL.

Well it is officially Fall here in Portland. The rain has started as well as the wind and all the beautiful colored leaves are starting to fall to the ground. Katherine and Ethel have been in school for a month now. Ruthie is wondering were everyone went? She walks around-still, asking for Kay Kay and Iyah (Ethel)? She is really missing her sisters. I think she needs to get out more and have some play dates. We are finally on a schedule. I never thought I would be in bed by 10:30 every night or up by 6:30 every morning but I am. The school schedule has been good for us. Paxton and I feel as though we are getting more accomplished, although we are so exhausted by the evening. I am still not a morning person but with a few cups of coffee and I'm ready to go by 9am.

Ethel has a wonderful teacher again this year, we have been so fortunate at this school. It is such an amazing community of Parents/students, teachers, and other staff as well as the community it sits in. Ethel is in a 3rd/4th blend and her teacher runs her class as a town. There are all kinds of jobs the kids get to do to help run the town. Well they had an election at the beginning of the year and Ethel ran for Mayor-and she won! Her teacher said Ethel gave the best speech she has ever heard. I have no doubt there will be more elections in her future-VOTE ETHEL MCBEE!
Katherine started Kindergarten and it was a tad of a rocky start.
Those poor little kiddos..There first day was on a Friday and the kids did fine. Then on Monday the kiddos were all crying for their mom's. They didn't know what hit them. I think all those kids thought..well this isn't so bad for one day, wait you mean I have to come back on Monday! It was like that the whole first week, very hard to take as a Momma. Katherine did O.K. she was a bit clingy that week but quickly got over it. Katherine's teacher is the sweetest lady. She reminds me of our friend Angi's Mom. Her teacher has seen it all and you can bring any question to her and she has advice for you. Katherine just adores her. Katherine has made a bunch of friends in her class and gets all kinds of responsibilities. Kindergarten has been so good for her.
Ruthie, she is a Ham! She is by far our silliest little girl (I really didn't think anyone could top Katherine but age for age-Ruthie wins). She definitely has a determination that Ethel and KayKay posses. Ruthie is always smiling and saying something really loud. The funny part is she has a really deep voice, what a contrast to her sister her has a voice like snow white! Ruthie is starting to count and can get to 3. We are starting the potty training with her-she is getting the hang of it but there is definitely a time delay. She loves to put her shoes on and a coat (must have a hood) on first thing in the morning. Sometimes she'll eat breakfast in a diaper, coat, and shoes only!

We went to the pumpkin patch this past week. Rode the hayride, got our pumpkins, went in the corn maze (a total wet,
muddy mess), rode the cow train and saw all the animals and picked up a few goodies at the market. Whew, what a fantastic family fall day! For Halloween Ruthie is going to be a cheerleader, Katherine a Rock Star, and Ethel a Masquerade princess. We of course will be trick or treating over at the Peters once again-(Jackson, behave yourself, what would we do without seeing you guys on Halloween).

So our big news is......We added another member to our family, a little pupp
y! Her name is Bella. It took the girls less than a minute to name her-I was shocked I thought for sure she would go nameless for at least a day. She is now 11 weeks old. We have had her for 3 weeks now. Paxton finally caved in. What a softy he is. I think he is starting to enjoy her more and more. She is a Lab/springer mix. She is really smart, a bit of a mouthy girl but is getting much better. Is a total lover and wants to be right next to you all the time. She is so wonderful with the girls. Ruthie and her are total buddies. They are always together, mostly causing trouble!

Well, I hope you all enjoy your fall, soon it will be winter and we will be celebrating another year!
Love to you all,